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::about the site::

This site is written/maintained by me, Lindsay-Marie Newton, otherwise known as PulpQueenie.. I really love making websites - I have quite a few [4 Pulp ones!].. The funny thing is- I don't even own a computer. I really only started to go online in the late nineties.. Early incarnations of this site were pretty scary!
[click *here*, if you're looking for a laugh...]
Anyways, I really appreciate those sweet people that've said nice things about my sites - you know who you are. It's cool to think people actually take the time to read my ramblings!
More Pulp Stuff was orignally only supposed to be sort of a companion to this site, but it quickly grew so now it is simply Pulp Stuff.. And then came the short-lived And The Jarv Goes On [which was pointless, really]. Then I made Farfisa Femme because I thought Candida should have her own site.. It's pretty small but may grow in the future.
I always welcome contributions so don't heisitate to email me! Feel free to click on a link below and check out my other sites.. And please sign the guestbooks so I'll know what you think of the site..

Heartless Romantic

now, check out Jarv Is Everywhere,
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