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The End of an Era!

*gasp of shock* Pulp People is shutting down by the end of the year.. Oh cruel world! I shall miss the fan club dearly and I regret not joining sooner than I did. Anyone who's read a Pulp People newsletter can tell that a lot of effort, humour and love go into making the mailout. Such attention to detail both online and in print will be sorely missed!!
[So hurry up and buy all the Pulp merch. you can before it's too late].

Modern Marriage & Babies..
Wow, Jarvis is hitched!! [And so thousands of Jarvis-admirers pout uncontrollably for months.. Myself included]. News reports claimed the event itself was set in "idyllic" surroundings, so that sounds nice!
And it looks like Jarvis and Camille are expecting their first child, according to UK news publications.. Congratulations and best of luck!!

Apologies, apologies..
I'm sorry I haven't been very frequent with my updating, dahlings.. I've been busy and also dealing with some illness so my online time has been limited.. Eventually I will edit this site properly and add new features - I promise!

Thanks to all you sweet people who've complimented me on this insignificant lil' site! [Warm and fuzzy feelings abound..]