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Encounters of the Pulp Kind.....

"I was in Hay-On-Wye for the Pulp gig and was sitting basking in the beautiful sunshine when low and behold the man himself came walking down the street.

Not wanting to alarm the maestro I tried not to rush over gibbering, I nervously strolled over and as my knees knocked fast together asked him for his autograph.

He very kindly singed my festival guide book under the write up about Pulp appearing. He chatted to me for several minutes about the fact I had come all the way from Scotland just to see Pulp. I think he was very surprised that I thought the band was worth all that travelling!!! I assured him that he was indeed worth the journey and wished him all the best and please could he keep up the great work recording and gigging for his fans.

My friend took some pictures but because we were so nervous they are a wee bit blurry and grainy.

My meeting with Jarvis was one of the most outstanding moments in my life to date and that's no mean feat as I am 43 years old.

He comes across as a very ordinary, approachable, unstar-like man with no airs and graces. He showed a genuine amazement of my travelling to see him and left me with a warm glow after chatting with him that will not fade for many years to come."

-Loraine Clark

Thanks to Loraine for that wonderful account!

Have you had a pulpy encounter? Has fate brought you to a Pulp concert, have you had a chance meeting with a member of Pulp? Or have you discovered some pulpy merchandise in the strangest place? If the answer to any of these questions is yes--then please email me an account of your encounter and i will dutifully post it in this very spot, along with your name.