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Cocker Quotes

"Noise is an easy thing to hide behind. If you make a lot of noise
and shout behind that, nobody can tell what you're singing. It is
showbusiness after all. I think you have a duty to perform, you have
to entertain people. But just cos someone might wear a sequinned
jacket onstage does not mean that they are instantly interesting to watch."

"I like bossy girls. I don't like girls who just do whatever they think
you want them to do, and follow you around trying to please you all the time.
Because that's just really insulting, and it gets to be hard work after a while.
I like girls with a bit of personality."

"I'd never really wanted to have a really 'private' life before. But when somebody starts delving into it and printing details through the tabloids for shagging people you shouldn't have shagged, then that probably made me shy away a bit more from giving too much away. Because if you give everything away then you become a kind of non-person."
"I got a pair of red, synthetic satin women's pants through the post the other day with a phone number on. That was quite strange. I haven't tried the phone number. In times of stress I may."
"...The things in my songs are the edited highlights of my life. I don't go seeking out strange sexual experiences every day of the week."