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Jarvis doing his best impression of a bottle of Shweppes Raspberry Gingerale...

"we won't use guns, we won't use bombs, we'll use the one thing we've got more of...and that's our style.."

oh yeah. work it---yeah, that's the money shot alright..

come up to my lighthouse for i have something i wish to say... (look at his lovely vest!)

i love this one--just look at the James-Spader-like ambivalence!!

mmm mmm, Jarv!

bask in the wonder that is Pulp...

ooh just look at his lovely hands!

the first time my friend's mother saw this she asked "is he bisexual?"

Jarv--Velvet Underground-style..

you spin me right round, baby...

here comes the hardcore Jarv....


oh yeah--bass-y goodness!


things get better with a little bit of razzmatazz...