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jarvis: stylin' the pattern for life>

Jarvis Cocker knows how to dress. That's right-- he is very stylish... Recently it seems he has been wearing a lot of sweaters ("jumpers") and likes
to go barefoot during concerts (there was some talk of his long toenails! *urgh*). But usually when there are discussions about Pulp-- they include something about Pulp's image.
Jarvis has always been the fashion mis-fit, loving to exaggerate his physical appearance and ignore conformity.(and that's why we love him, right?).
So let me waste some space discussing some of the wonderful things in his wardrobe, alright? Why not? I've got nothing better to do... (well, actually, I have lots of things I should be doing.. but let's forget about that!)
See there------> Hmmm... very nice.
I think Jarvis looks good in blue... And green as well.. but not that neon green in the new version of the "Babies" video... a nice mint green, like that picture on the Pulp People postcard.. circa This is Hardcore.... And while I'm on the subject of green shirts, let me just say that I didn't really care for that leather-type (pleather?) thing he had on in that Vox ('96) picture.
Now, let's move on to vests shall we? Gotta love this look:

Very nice. I think Jarvis looks great in vests, that blue & white, diagonal-striped one was tasty as well.
As far as accessories go, everyone loves
his glasses. I have to say, I miss the Hardcore-era 70's pimp/80's detective glasses with that nice tint, actually, I got myself some perscription brown-rimmed ones with a gradual tint but, unfortunately, I couldn't get them in the same size as Jarvis'.... But I did find a pair of tinted sunglasses that look exactly like Jarvis' for only ! (Canadian).. I found them at Kensington Market (in Chinatown, in Toronto) and my friend Shirley picked up a pair of Elton John glasses there too! Anyways, back to Jarvis! Currently he is sporting thick black rims..
Now-- what about his hair? Personally, I believe hair can make or break a man-- he can have a pretty face but if he's got bad hair, then forget it! Fortunately, Jarvis has great hair. He even looked cute with those poofy curls.. My favourite Jarvis hair-styles are circa the "Razzmatazz" video and the Different Class look. As you can see:

Oh yes, Jarvis is sexy.

If you have anything to add, any commentary on Jarvis' style, simply email me here and I'll put it up here..