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"a green, leafy substance.."

Side One:

Mile End

Stacks [live]

Pink Glove [live]

That Boy's Evil

Cheesy Lady

Razzmatazz [live]

Like a Friend [snd. vers.]

Side Two:

The Boss

Party Hard [Cristopher Just remix]

I'm a Man

Don't You Want Me Anymore?

[mystery song]

Walk Like a Panther [ToTP vers.]

Bob Lind


The Professional

So far, soundtracks have been given to the following people: Valentina Leucari, Miranda Williams, Demi Kranikoglou, Nina Harp, "Chesty Previtt", Andrea Vonblon, Rebekah Hanson and Gina Agoglia.. I've sent soundtracks to several countries! ^_^

if anyone wants a copy of this tape just email me your address and it'll be sent.